Monday, November 21, 2011

Color-block detected

gift from my BF's Mom <3

I got a Guess Pouch from my boyfriend's mom after she had trip to Thailand-Singapore. I'm super like this pouch with  natural color. 

And so excited to use it when i go to another wedding party

left- before make up, right - after make up
i just give some treat to my hair. I semi-curly it. And i'm in love with the result. :) Is it suit me and my round face? 

forever21-  top and necklace
 WaldorfGarages -bandage skirt
 Vincii -shoes,

Color-Block detected , isn't it?

Say hello to my lovely Mommy..
just one pic with mom, but it comes so blurry :(

Anyway, my Decimal Shoes has just arrived, and im super love it. Gonna review it on my next post.. 

Have a nice day, Everyone. 

Much Love, 

Cindy Tanuwijaya

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hectic Day

Hi Guys, What do you think about 11-11-11? I just think its the same day with others day because i dont have something special on that day. Whereas, i've been so hectic on that day. I attend my friends wedding ceremony on my temple. Yes, i'm Buddhist anyway. The ceremony is just so lovely as on drama  The Bride and Groom is wore simple dressed and still lovely!The climax thing is when the time they have to say thank you or sorry to their parents, its so touching and moves me a little bit. Yesss, i shed tears. The bride is gonna move to Surabaya following her husband. So can you imagine , when the time she will say thankyou , sorry and goodbye to her Mom as a single parent and her little sisters. She happily cried in her wedding dress, and i am so touched to see all this things! Yah, im so dramatist. 

my sister and me <3

After that, i just busy handling in and out stock of the clothes for my onlineshop. And i just still take some time to eat with my lover at tekko , because i've been missing him so much after one week being separated. HAHAHA.. ( *too much ) , Then i promises my little cousinsss to bring them to Magnum Cafe in Grand Indonesia and buy some Inafff Ticket for my sister. Im not so into watching horror movies, so i just bought the ticket for her in Blitz GI.. Actually it was the first time for me trying Magnum Cafe. My review are the place is very cute, every children would love it. The services are poor, because they cannot manage the guest  seat. I don't like when they told us to sit on a separate table. But overall the food taste were nice and fine.

shirt and skirt - Manggadua, Bag-Charles and Keith, Heels - Vincii

here they are my naughty little cousin, actually they are three, i just don't know where other complete pictures


at Toy Shop
anyway, i just create a DIY Ribbon for myself. The materials are so cheap and so colorful. I just can get my eyes close when see all these cute things. Who don't like french lace and Colorful ribbon? 

adorable color! <3

simple french lace ribbon , this all are brooch and  i give it free for my customers

This is special mine. If you notice, i wore this on that hectic day. 

in my hair! <3

Do you love it? So do i. :)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nude and Asymetric

Last week i attend a wedding party with my brother. Yes, i love go to wedding ceremony and party. I love to see the Bride dress match with the Groom. They are soo happy and have a brightest smile than everyone on their D-day.  It was sooo damn Lovely. 

i wore asymetric dress - sungei wang ,  Bag- Mango, Heels - Vincii

 Jonathan Tanuwijaya look so short here HAHAHA

wooohoo, i look taller in this pic!  Necklace - F21, Bracelet - Gowigasa,

Me and my lovely little brother

This week is sooo boring for me. My bf is in exam week and im not going to disturb him cos i dont wanna see him fail in any subject he took.  I keep visiting my Granny, She still very weak , i really wish she will get well super soon , so i can take her to reflexy or do or eat something she like. 

anyway, im so happy look all nice comments on my blog, Nice comments from a very very very nice people really make my day and inspire me. Really Thankyou so much and im so appreciate it. :)

Have a great day everyone. :)

Much Love, Cindy Tanuwijaya

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Escape from boring day

Hi guys, today's post is about my another escape to Pavilion KL on Sunday. Yeah, that day i was so boring and suddenly my friends ask me to join them to go to Pavilion KL and i joined them because i was so boring at home. do nothing. lazy to eat, lazy to sleep, so yes i went to pavilion AGAIN on that day. Enjoy the pictures. :) 

ate at bens' Pavilion KL

delicious spaghetti aglio olio and carbonara *droooolling 
some pictures of us

another picturess.. :)
Dress-Zara, Outer-Gowigasa, Bag-Mango

Yeah, i still not confident to pose and give a clear pictures about my outfit. So shy to pose in front of my friendss.. maybe i will post if i already go back indonesia, and took some pictures by my self using self-timer or just tripod. Ohya anyway, i just want to buy a new DSLR. I think im so into Canon600D. what do you think? Is it suitable fro beginners like me? :) I want to start having a fashion blog. So inspired with so many fashion bloggers ( indonesian and international ). They are so adorable, and inspired me to having a fashion blog.

Ohya, Ben's Pavilion KL can be one of recommended restaurant from me. The place is so comfy and have a nice environment. They provide you indoor and outdoor tables with cute simply cards about some recipes , and some topics to discuss with your friends or even partner.( so sad i forgot to take some pics ) I love that place. The food also drooling me like hell yet still affordable to me as a college students. :)

Anyway, i can't wait for 28 October 2011, to go back to Jakarta ( my hometown ) and taking two months holiday. So happy and can't wait to meet my family, friends, and absolutely my greatest boyfriend. :)

person i miss the most >.<
Anyway, all pictures i took by my Blackberry camera, so please excuse me for bad quality. Also i edited using Photoshop. So interested to learn Photoshop more and more. :) 

Have a nice day everyone. 

Cindy Tanuwijaya

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hey guys,

I bring a very good news for you, my mini instax camera had just arrived yesterday. I'm so super happy and can't wait to click click click to add new and new pictures then i keep it. I love do such things. Everything which is cute and very hype lately. Actually its really cheesy that talking about my polaroid camera because the camera is not that top cool and its been maybe a year that this camera hype in our society. yayaya, i know im too late, but at least now im so happy and proud to take some pictures with it.. :D

Anyway, another super late thing that i'm so interested in is learning about Photoshop CS4. Allright i understand that i'm late ( over again )  to interest with this super awesome software, and everything looks different when you used it. I'm still learned about the basic things

And one of my edited, i will post in my blog. all of these things i learned from , Ya, im gonna give some credits to youtube later.. HAHA..

Mini instax 7s white and edited by me, get inspired with vintage effect

i take pictures use my bad quality of Sony webcam ,i don't have SLR T__T
I'm really sorry its really bad quality , but im gonna improve my self by keep learning as i have spare time. :)

what do you think? is it too ugly? Don't hesitate to comment.. :)

Have a nice days, everyone


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hai everyone,

Longg long long time no blogging and actually i miss blogging so much. For the truth i still be a reader for some my favorite and blog that inspired me so much. In blogger or tumblr, i just assume its the same. :)

Hoooaah, suddenly when i want to write, i mean today, it is already 4th October. and yes, so many pressure of assignment, and final exams ( again ) will coming.. every September - October semester is short semester, so you have to finish the module and the syllabus of our lecture only for two months period.. So busy and hectic semster , right.. Thanks God, i still survive at this time. :)

When i see my last blog just now, i just realize, my last blog is already passed for two months and in two months period , i didn't write anything in this blog.. please excuse me.. :) I'm so busy with everything , keep thinking, and keep thinking , i also wondering what is the main problem that make me keep thinking. Just want to let my brain rest for awhile. But , why it can't be done??

I think that maybe with the additional ages that God gives us everyday, every minute, every second,  we also will get more and more pressure. To grow, to be a good person is not easy but when you really want to against that challenge , that makes your life a bit harder, but your mind keep stronger. That though make me just rethinking about my parents. They will be more more more pressured than us. So, just let it be, let it flow, and just pass the day without keep disappointed , keep protest with God, keep wondering without any action, But, just enjoy your life, enjoy your time, and enjoy everything you must have done. Don't too underestimate or even overestimate anything.

I think what i talk in the paragraphs above is too wise already.. HAHAHAHA. i just talk to myself, and keep motivate myself actually. BTW, last month i ordered MINI INSTAX CAMERA, and the items will arrived this week.. *waiting and excited* hahahaha.. I already want it from last year actually. How pathetic , ritee.. But i just scared, after i buy the things, i just keep it in my wardrobe or my drawer or in other words, i'm not used it.. hahahah.. but finally, i'm gonna get my new cute camera.. Will post it soon.. :) :)

Talking about camera, i also in love with Lomo.. But, i just see if i use Lomo Camera, it would be more complicated, because you need to buy their rolled film and also the printer, and if you want to post it to social media, you need to scanned it to you computer, so i just buy the mini instax 7s white and will learn about edit photo using photoshop to make the Lomo effect. or if i want my pictures have a lomo effect, i just take my Ipad 2 and capture pictures with INSTAGRAM. hehehehe..

Anyway, at the end of this month, i'm gonna back my hometown againnnnnn.. and take a holiday for two months.. Horeeeeyyy ( All my thumbs are up )

Have a nice day everyone.. :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Final exam without pressure

Hey guyss,

I had my final exam on 8th, 12th, 15th, and 17th august.. I feel so scared to face the final exam, But i really don't have any effort to study harder. Because i can't to be like nerds girls who study every minute and every seconds she has. So i just try my best to study in my way.

In the last minutes like this, i still not getting the pressure to study harder. hehehe.. Do you know what i did in the middle of this situation? i keep browsing facebook, bbm, blogging, reading anything unrelated to exam and also webcam whoring with my Lazy partner who is Kania Satriafi.. hahahahha.. ( But, i already studied on 2 days before )


take a silly pictures, laughing. Just enjoy the time like there is no exam tomorrow. ( Don't try this for your own )

heyy, i got songs upload..
by soundtract of film MONTECARLO ( havent watch it but already love the song )

i'm not beauty queen, i'm just beautiful me <3

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I can't pleased everybody

- i'm sorry i can't pleased everybody -

Hi everyone, missing blog time so bad. 
As usual, so many good and bad things come over to me. Last few weeks i'm so effing busy for my assignments and busy for preparing my first event. 

Little sharing about my events last week, the team is very unprepared at the D day, But we through that day very well, even though the weather on last week is not friendly, it was such a rainy day, and the time delay until one and half hour, finally the event went smoothly and many participants is come over to that events. That week was very very very hectic week. I'm super tired and full of conflict in emotion at that week. But when the event is finish, i can take a little breathe to feel relieved that everything was okay. 
Will share some pictures.. ;;) ( Unfortunately not all people are captured, because they left before photo session ) 

The Facilitators 

After the events done and finish, i back to focus with all of my effing assignments. So many assignments but everything is done right now but i can't guaranteed about the results. I scared until almost die. 

- Problems is like weed, it never dies -

And after one problem is done, it will come again with a higher lever of difficulty. I got more problems that i can't share in here, but everything was done and i think it was done with hard feelings. 
But, The important thing is When you have to face the problems, you need to control your emotion. So you wont hurt people or to be hurt by somebodyelse.. 

Btw, I recently listening to the Maddi Jane music. She was amazing and extra awesome!!!  

I love her cover in price tag, impossible, and breakeven. She is more than talented!!!.. 

Check this out. 

Enjoy <3 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little visit from little brother


SO missing to blogging and sharing everything here, but unfortunately i'm so hectic and very very busy to spare my time and write here. As you know, i'm so busy with my effing assignments, my task to responsible with my Indonesian Association Club to make and event.
Ohya anyway, i leak some information about my first event.
This event will be held on 23rd of July. There will be Food and Beverages provided, Attractive games, and some awesome performance from our Indonesian students. Just simply click BHINNEKA  to view our simple website. The pictures/ video or everything will be shared on our website.

By the way, in last two weeks, my little brother, Jojo visit me in here. Renita's little sister also come and visit her in KL. Then we're having fun together ( Me, Jojo, Renita, Renata, and Kania ). I forget about all activity we had, maybe i can remember when i shared the pictures. Jo and I have a good shopping time last time, and when he already go back again to Jakarta last Monday, i realize i'm so so so so DOWN AT HEEL right now. and all i have to do is low lived. ( HEHE, i know i'm a bit over here ) but promise me , this is still mid-month but, i don't have extra money at all. heehhe..
Renata, Renita, Me and Jo, captured by Kania

Introduce my lil brother called Jonathan Tanuwijaya a.k.a JOJO

Eat TGIF!! Thumbs up to food , after that, bankrupt. 

At Candy Stores in Sunway Pyramid.

With Paris at our Condo. 

Me in Port Dickson

Renata and Renita. FYI, Renata is not good in jumping. :p 

Yeay, i'm the highest. 

Me and Jo in Pavilion

Outside Pavilion.

I still write his name while we're on fighting at that time. Now  all is clear.
Pictures credited to Jo.

Maybe this is my first time playing in the beach after yearsssss..

In Milkshake Factory , Changkat.

The pictures i shared is quite random, at least we having fun, going to all malls in KL one by one. Shopping here and shopping there until my body is cracked and mu wallet also dropped and make me have to low-lived right now. hehehe.. I'm so tired, my body drop, i got sorethroat until now , all my back is cracked But, afterall, i'm so happy and very sad when Jojo have to go back to Jakarta.

And now, i have to face my bundle of tasks whether it is assignment or whatever that i need to responsible for. Wish me luck for my best.

Cindy Tanuwijaya <3