About me

Cindy Tanuwijaya

Currently I’m going to meet legal ages on December 28th 2012. Everyone just simply call me Cindy. I’m studying business at Kuala Lumpur but my hometown is in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Black curly hair but(the natural is actually bouncy straight hair ), Reddish white skin, 158cm tall and 52kg weight. I’m the third daughter of four children of Indratama Tanuwijaya and Hariani Razali. I’m closed with all of my family, cousins, and aunties from my mom.

Everyday i just a student of UCSI University Kuala Lumpur , this year is my final year and going to bring B.A (Hons) Accounting and Finance behind my name. I’m President of Indonesian Club in my Campus. I’m the writer of this blog that have interest in fashion, arts, travelling, culinary, photoshop, pose, smile.
I am addicted with shopping, singing in the bathroom make up, accessories, polaroids, hello kitty, cute stuffs, colours, blog, twitter, blackberry, ipod touch, acoustics songs.

My style is sweet, romantic, vintages, and chic. I’m not so into with funky style, indie, rocker, and too blink blink.

What is inside of me? 

My hearts belong to Benny Thahir. A man with a straight eyes , chubby fat like me, white skin and bold eyebrow.


I am the person that may seem detached and cold but in reality I am very sensitive and attentive to those important to me.

Self Respect is prime important for me.

I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs , but I won’t lose my self-respect just to “fit in” something social or whatever.

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