Monday, November 21, 2011

Color-block detected

gift from my BF's Mom <3

I got a Guess Pouch from my boyfriend's mom after she had trip to Thailand-Singapore. I'm super like this pouch with  natural color. 

And so excited to use it when i go to another wedding party

left- before make up, right - after make up
i just give some treat to my hair. I semi-curly it. And i'm in love with the result. :) Is it suit me and my round face? 

forever21-  top and necklace
 WaldorfGarages -bandage skirt
 Vincii -shoes,

Color-Block detected , isn't it?

Say hello to my lovely Mommy..
just one pic with mom, but it comes so blurry :(

Anyway, my Decimal Shoes has just arrived, and im super love it. Gonna review it on my next post.. 

Have a nice day, Everyone. 

Much Love, 

Cindy Tanuwijaya

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hectic Day

Hi Guys, What do you think about 11-11-11? I just think its the same day with others day because i dont have something special on that day. Whereas, i've been so hectic on that day. I attend my friends wedding ceremony on my temple. Yes, i'm Buddhist anyway. The ceremony is just so lovely as on drama  The Bride and Groom is wore simple dressed and still lovely!The climax thing is when the time they have to say thank you or sorry to their parents, its so touching and moves me a little bit. Yesss, i shed tears. The bride is gonna move to Surabaya following her husband. So can you imagine , when the time she will say thankyou , sorry and goodbye to her Mom as a single parent and her little sisters. She happily cried in her wedding dress, and i am so touched to see all this things! Yah, im so dramatist. 

my sister and me <3

After that, i just busy handling in and out stock of the clothes for my onlineshop. And i just still take some time to eat with my lover at tekko , because i've been missing him so much after one week being separated. HAHAHA.. ( *too much ) , Then i promises my little cousinsss to bring them to Magnum Cafe in Grand Indonesia and buy some Inafff Ticket for my sister. Im not so into watching horror movies, so i just bought the ticket for her in Blitz GI.. Actually it was the first time for me trying Magnum Cafe. My review are the place is very cute, every children would love it. The services are poor, because they cannot manage the guest  seat. I don't like when they told us to sit on a separate table. But overall the food taste were nice and fine.

shirt and skirt - Manggadua, Bag-Charles and Keith, Heels - Vincii

here they are my naughty little cousin, actually they are three, i just don't know where other complete pictures


at Toy Shop
anyway, i just create a DIY Ribbon for myself. The materials are so cheap and so colorful. I just can get my eyes close when see all these cute things. Who don't like french lace and Colorful ribbon? 

adorable color! <3

simple french lace ribbon , this all are brooch and  i give it free for my customers

This is special mine. If you notice, i wore this on that hectic day. 

in my hair! <3

Do you love it? So do i. :)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nude and Asymetric

Last week i attend a wedding party with my brother. Yes, i love go to wedding ceremony and party. I love to see the Bride dress match with the Groom. They are soo happy and have a brightest smile than everyone on their D-day.  It was sooo damn Lovely. 

i wore asymetric dress - sungei wang ,  Bag- Mango, Heels - Vincii

 Jonathan Tanuwijaya look so short here HAHAHA

wooohoo, i look taller in this pic!  Necklace - F21, Bracelet - Gowigasa,

Me and my lovely little brother

This week is sooo boring for me. My bf is in exam week and im not going to disturb him cos i dont wanna see him fail in any subject he took.  I keep visiting my Granny, She still very weak , i really wish she will get well super soon , so i can take her to reflexy or do or eat something she like. 

anyway, im so happy look all nice comments on my blog, Nice comments from a very very very nice people really make my day and inspire me. Really Thankyou so much and im so appreciate it. :)

Have a great day everyone. :)

Much Love, Cindy Tanuwijaya