Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dream Catcher

Arhhh, everyday i only can spend some minutes in read my fellas blogpost and just randomly scheming  some blog which i found its interesting. I just very busy in this my last semester in Uni Life. Oh, damn, LAST SEMESTER IN UNILIFE. And i'm not plan to continue my master degree like some of my fellas, because i'm too lazy to study over again. But actually at first i just want to continue taking Mandarin Course in Beijing, but my boyfriend barricade me with the reason, he just don't want to do another HELL long distance relationship. Because he did beg me, and i just still not sure want to continue study, so i just agree with him. And gonna back to my hometown Jakarta in this end of August FORGOOD. 

I just don't know what to feel. I'm sad when i  realize that i have to leave all of my friends, my hedonists shopping habits here, my private room in here, my everything here. but Too excited when realize i'm gonna back living with my beloved family, boyfriends, and gonna meet a new environment in the workforce. I think everything too far, yes ? Actually,  I just want to have planned schedule step by step. :) 

Ahh, currently i'm busy with something quite important to me. My club ( Indo Club Here ) is currently having a Sports Tournament Called Bhinneka Cup 2012 on 23rd of June and 30th of  June. We invited all of Indonesian Student in Malaysia to join. And i just wish everything gonna be success. 

So to help my sponsorship division in fundraising, me and 3 others friends are open a small food store in my house with delivery service. We sell indonesian food and drinks and we provide delivery service in my condominium area only. The basecamp of this stall is at my house. :( so you can imagine how dirty my house and kitchen are. And i just too busy and tired handle this stall that open almost everyday from 11am to 9pm. Fortunately some of my members clubs, help me to clean my house once in two days. :) 


I just want to share my fella's blogpost, Kelimutu , She hosting the GLOBAL CHANGEMAKER to let us ( Young Generation ) help each other. Everyone in this world have obligation from God to make poeple all around us to be happy as we are. Destroy the nightmare and Join her in this event "Lets be a Changemaker"  
I give her my 100% support in this event and i hope this post helping her. 

Another idea from Kelimutu are GARAGE SALE CHARITY PROJECT that still in planned, but again, i give all of my arms to this events. How about you? :)