Sunday, April 17, 2011

You in me

i'm so small to compare with you, my creator. -me-

Faith is something important inside everybody's mind. and it is very personal. Only between you and your beliefs. and No one could change it, or even break it. 

Hi everyone, i don't know why today i feel so surrounded by so many angels. You know why? Today i keep studying for my exams ( i know my reasons is so lame). Besides that, i just feel my heart is so blessed. I also don't know why. Back to topic, my topic today about our own faith. do you have your own belief? i don't talk about your religion. but only about your faith which deep inside in your hearts. Yes, i have. 

I follow my parents religion which is Buddhism. I follow all the tradition. which there is twice in a month you need to vegetarian and also sometimes i used incense to our worship. but i'm not really persevering in this thing. i just follow when i have to. I don't say or even dare to say that i don't belief Buddha's God. Because i do believe all of them or even i also believe there also Jesus and some prophet in Muslim. I believe all of them. Because i keep believing i only have One God. which is our creator. who invented our world , human breathe and so much living things. 

This thing i called my personal belief, so no one can judge me or even somebody else about their beliefs. Because i don't care. Even i'm Buddhist, i keep praying like Christian every single night ( sometimes i can forgot). and i entwine my fingers together by laying on my bed, close my both eyes and pray. And my heart will full with You, feel so blessed and peaceful. Because You in me

In here, as my conclusion or solution, i don't even call you to pray everyday or even judge you. I DON'T and I WON'T. Luckily all my friends also have the same thoughts with me. All of us have different religion but we still can be together without any difference, because we are created by One creator and we have our own PERSONAL beliefs. Please trust me, He won't judge you if you are "Naughty" or even feel so dirty compare to His sacred, He will keep His hands open to you no matter what kind a person you are. Because He is our creator. He Loves you and me. 

So sorry my blog is very full with my random things. Please excuse. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pathetic Saturday

you never get back time, you can only learn from it.

Ahhhh, in this pathetic saturday, i just keep laying on my bed, 
online to browse anything, or sometimes i just rest for a while and busy with my blackberry.
Whereas, i'll do my papers on Tuesday and Wednesday. but i still lazy to start anything. 
( fyi, i'm not a smart student and also i'm-not-a-good-marked-student, i'm just lazy)

When i write this blog , it motivate me and push me to study. 
and yes, i decide to study tomorrow ( when i say i'll do something tomorrow, it won't be happen).
I'm so boring stay at my condominiums without any TV/Movie or anything else that can entertain me. 
so, i just keep laying in my bed. 
i know, you guys will asking in your mind, why you just didn't hang out to anywhere, and here i'm gonna answer that i'm too extravagant for this month, which mean i have insufficient money. 
Because this month's bills are not nice to me, and very not friendly, so my money was drained to fulfill the bills, and also last week i used my shopping money to get some refreshing in Cameron Highlands ( although just 2 days and 1 night , it cost all my shopping money, hehehe); then i keep the rest of my money to shopping at April20th with Kania and on April 21st , i'll going back to hometown where my parents always tell me to buy Longkee ( Smoked Pork Meat and in Indonesian = dendeng). 
Now, you know why i keep so stingy in this week. Hehehe.. 

anw, about two Final exams that i done, i'm not pretty sure that it will come out with a good mark. :( 
i got problems to do it, and i just keep thinking about them. because i also not sure about my answer. i scared  i loss my marks in final exams. and i think two exams for the rest are MUCH HARDER. Because more of them is about recitation. and im weak for it. ( i know im weak but i'm not give more effort to study). 
well, fine, tomorrow i promise i'll study. a bit.. HAHA. 

Oh yah, one more thing that make me pissed for today. my boyfriend is keep busying to modify her new Ninja ( i hate this thing ). So he more ignoring me today by his activity in his work in the morning and his useless-modify-things in the afternoon and also his hang out with his friend at the evening until now. huh.. 
i just feel i'm forgotten. 

Please excuse my narcissistic in this boring and pathetic Saturday. 

my boring face 

i felt sorry for myself until do these things. :p

Look at my square face. ( in real, my face is round not square)

HAHAHA.. excuse my fad

and my bunny tooth ( and in real my face is not this round) 

goodbye.. see ya in the next blog.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Someone simply need to be ignored

As my title blog said, "someone who is simply need tobe ingnored" is My New Housemate. 
Yeah, as you know , i study abroad in Malaysia and i live at Condominium with my housemates. Kayce ( fake name) is my latest new housemates which come from Brunei.Actually she is a kind person , i mean she is too innocent and pampered. She is one year old younger than me, so maybe that's the reason she is STILL too childish. I tried to be a good housemate to her, but sometimes i just feel she is too annoying. And i just can't accept and pay attention with habitual which is her character that very cute ( fake cute). I just don't like her faking manner and her gesture. She is just so Boring. Sorry to say this, but this all is what i feel. 

And the thing that i'm very lazy to handle is she can't explain about the bills with her parents, until her parents called me to ask how much for this bill and that bill. I'm so so so pissed and sick of these thing. I think she is already count as adult, why she can't explain all of this with her parents and why her parents still want to ask about the amount showed in each bill. I can see her parents can't believe US ( me, Renita , and Kania). Who do you think they are? if you untrusted me, how if i let you manage all the bills and i just know about paying my bills. This things really make me sick. and thats why i don't like my Brand New housemate. (Please don't judge me about how arrogant i am because you never know what exactly i feel. :D )

If i talked to her, i just want to get angry. She just always getting on Our nerves. Thats why i just want to simply ignore her. hehehe.. 

i share a cute pic for today 

i will speak Indonesian all the time, so you won't understand. LOL

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PARIS, i crave you

Maybe you'll think this blog is about my trip to Paris. 
Oh , i really wish that will be come true.
The country that i really want to visit is Paris, and his neighbors. ( read : UK and Rome)
Why suddenly i craving of Paris?  
Because i have a habit on rewatching some film or movie that i like. 
Yesterday or past few days , i rewatched Indonesian Movie, 
Eiffel, I'm in Love that have some part that they are shooting in Paris.
I just love and drowned to the movie. 
Hope someday i'll be lucky as Tita ( the main actress on that film)

do you know i am a person who is very addictive with drama.
if i already watched drama, i almost can't and forget to sleep at night. 
and it makes my sleep patterns drastically change. LOL
Eiffel Tower, I love you and someday i'll visit you!!!

so beautiful Paris. You looks Classy yet so Romantic.

And now i need to get my sleep pattern back into track. 
I want to wake up earlier and also sleep earlier intensely to keep my body fit. 
Because i read some news that if you have a bad sleep patterns ( read : my sleeping hours),
it will cause so many illness come into your body. 
what the fuckin horror isn't it? 
so, don't let your insomnia give you some bad effects.
sorry at last of "Paris" it was out of context ( Run from talking about Paris)
please excuse my mess.

-Cindy Tanuwijaya-

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cameron Highlands is Photogenic :p

Have you ever heard about cameron highlands? 
a place you can see how amazing our creator create the world. I just went there with 4 others last friday and spend one night there.. 

It took around 4-5hours from KL. It was quite tiring and long long journey. I went there with Kania Satriafi , Arvel Chandra as our driver , Dewi ( Arvel's girfriend) and Putri ( dewi's housemate).. 

We have fun there. Here i share some pic.. 

amazing Boh Tea Plantation

at Cactus and Flowers hall in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Candid, but i love the matching colors between my beanie and the flowers.
actually i'm so scared to touch the died butterfly, but keep fake smiling.

me and kania at butterfly gardens

lots of fun, so tiring yet so interesting.. 
At last day , we had to go back to KL early because the person which is rented her car called and told us to return her car on 7pm.. In the return trip to go back to KL, my best friend and as our driver which is arvel, he drove the car very unsmoothly when we passed the super twisting downhill.
You know, the hill is very meander. and i have to open my eyes (while i'm very sleepy because i can't sleep) to look and following the twisting road so i can't getting carsick.. 

but we arrived home safely and earlier than our prediction, so we can take a rest.. 

thanks so much all of my friends, i have lots of fun with you all..

5 of us. ^^