Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Someone simply need to be ignored

As my title blog said, "someone who is simply need tobe ingnored" is My New Housemate. 
Yeah, as you know , i study abroad in Malaysia and i live at Condominium with my housemates. Kayce ( fake name) is my latest new housemates which come from Brunei.Actually she is a kind person , i mean she is too innocent and pampered. She is one year old younger than me, so maybe that's the reason she is STILL too childish. I tried to be a good housemate to her, but sometimes i just feel she is too annoying. And i just can't accept and pay attention with habitual which is her character that very cute ( fake cute). I just don't like her faking manner and her gesture. She is just so Boring. Sorry to say this, but this all is what i feel. 

And the thing that i'm very lazy to handle is she can't explain about the bills with her parents, until her parents called me to ask how much for this bill and that bill. I'm so so so pissed and sick of these thing. I think she is already count as adult, why she can't explain all of this with her parents and why her parents still want to ask about the amount showed in each bill. I can see her parents can't believe US ( me, Renita , and Kania). Who do you think they are? if you untrusted me, how if i let you manage all the bills and i just know about paying my bills. This things really make me sick. and thats why i don't like my Brand New housemate. (Please don't judge me about how arrogant i am because you never know what exactly i feel. :D )

If i talked to her, i just want to get angry. She just always getting on Our nerves. Thats why i just want to simply ignore her. hehehe.. 

i share a cute pic for today 

i will speak Indonesian all the time, so you won't understand. LOL

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