Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pathetic Saturday

you never get back time, you can only learn from it.

Ahhhh, in this pathetic saturday, i just keep laying on my bed, 
online to browse anything, or sometimes i just rest for a while and busy with my blackberry.
Whereas, i'll do my papers on Tuesday and Wednesday. but i still lazy to start anything. 
( fyi, i'm not a smart student and also i'm-not-a-good-marked-student, i'm just lazy)

When i write this blog , it motivate me and push me to study. 
and yes, i decide to study tomorrow ( when i say i'll do something tomorrow, it won't be happen).
I'm so boring stay at my condominiums without any TV/Movie or anything else that can entertain me. 
so, i just keep laying in my bed. 
i know, you guys will asking in your mind, why you just didn't hang out to anywhere, and here i'm gonna answer that i'm too extravagant for this month, which mean i have insufficient money. 
Because this month's bills are not nice to me, and very not friendly, so my money was drained to fulfill the bills, and also last week i used my shopping money to get some refreshing in Cameron Highlands ( although just 2 days and 1 night , it cost all my shopping money, hehehe); then i keep the rest of my money to shopping at April20th with Kania and on April 21st , i'll going back to hometown where my parents always tell me to buy Longkee ( Smoked Pork Meat and in Indonesian = dendeng). 
Now, you know why i keep so stingy in this week. Hehehe.. 

anw, about two Final exams that i done, i'm not pretty sure that it will come out with a good mark. :( 
i got problems to do it, and i just keep thinking about them. because i also not sure about my answer. i scared  i loss my marks in final exams. and i think two exams for the rest are MUCH HARDER. Because more of them is about recitation. and im weak for it. ( i know im weak but i'm not give more effort to study). 
well, fine, tomorrow i promise i'll study. a bit.. HAHA. 

Oh yah, one more thing that make me pissed for today. my boyfriend is keep busying to modify her new Ninja ( i hate this thing ). So he more ignoring me today by his activity in his work in the morning and his useless-modify-things in the afternoon and also his hang out with his friend at the evening until now. huh.. 
i just feel i'm forgotten. 

Please excuse my narcissistic in this boring and pathetic Saturday. 

my boring face 

i felt sorry for myself until do these things. :p

Look at my square face. ( in real, my face is round not square)

HAHAHA.. excuse my fad

and my bunny tooth ( and in real my face is not this round) 

goodbye.. see ya in the next blog.

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