Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good Enough

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? or Do you ever feel already buried deep?

There is a time when you already try your best for people and for yourself, but things never goes smoothly for your expected return although its only an appreciation for what you did. Your parents always feels like your so wasted child if they compare with others child who are very nice , willing to help their jobs and respect their parents. In one side, you always thing that, they never see others child who are worst than us. And in the mean time, you see others child which are very mean and always been a liar to them as a very precious child for them. And your so disappointed with what you have. 

Complicated yes? 

Back to the Katy-Perry's Fireworks , and she's answer everything ,"you just gotta ignite the light when let it shine just own the night like a 4th July, cause baby you're a fireworks " Let everything shine by its own. Don't compare everyone when you don't like to be compared. You're so much good enough for someone else if somebody trying to let you feel you're wasted :)



Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's day

Hey Ho,

I'm not blogging for about two months. Missing my blogging - sharing - reading time. 

As you know in my previous post, there is so much thingssss happened in last two months which theres a lot i haven't share. and i just skip because i think its too late to share it now. hahaha.. 

Anyway, first and foremost topic in this post is Happy Valentine's day everyone, spread more love love and love. Let our world peace because of love. Is it impossible? Of course NOTTTTT.. 

LDR is sucks, my valentine is far far away there. But i just prepare something Love for him. 

i create using photoshop <3

I sent a chocolate ice cream cake from Ollino Ice Cream which give me free delivery services to his home and let me adjust something with my cake. :) 
I hope he likes it. :) 

wall in my To-do list board <3

ich liebe dich ♥

You see what a mess i can be, how moody i can get, how hard i am to handle , but still wants me in your life. 
Happy Valentine's day my special friend ♥ 

Many Loves,