Monday, April 11, 2011

Cameron Highlands is Photogenic :p

Have you ever heard about cameron highlands? 
a place you can see how amazing our creator create the world. I just went there with 4 others last friday and spend one night there.. 

It took around 4-5hours from KL. It was quite tiring and long long journey. I went there with Kania Satriafi , Arvel Chandra as our driver , Dewi ( Arvel's girfriend) and Putri ( dewi's housemate).. 

We have fun there. Here i share some pic.. 

amazing Boh Tea Plantation

at Cactus and Flowers hall in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Candid, but i love the matching colors between my beanie and the flowers.
actually i'm so scared to touch the died butterfly, but keep fake smiling.

me and kania at butterfly gardens

lots of fun, so tiring yet so interesting.. 
At last day , we had to go back to KL early because the person which is rented her car called and told us to return her car on 7pm.. In the return trip to go back to KL, my best friend and as our driver which is arvel, he drove the car very unsmoothly when we passed the super twisting downhill.
You know, the hill is very meander. and i have to open my eyes (while i'm very sleepy because i can't sleep) to look and following the twisting road so i can't getting carsick.. 

but we arrived home safely and earlier than our prediction, so we can take a rest.. 

thanks so much all of my friends, i have lots of fun with you all..

5 of us. ^^

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