Sunday, April 17, 2011

You in me

i'm so small to compare with you, my creator. -me-

Faith is something important inside everybody's mind. and it is very personal. Only between you and your beliefs. and No one could change it, or even break it. 

Hi everyone, i don't know why today i feel so surrounded by so many angels. You know why? Today i keep studying for my exams ( i know my reasons is so lame). Besides that, i just feel my heart is so blessed. I also don't know why. Back to topic, my topic today about our own faith. do you have your own belief? i don't talk about your religion. but only about your faith which deep inside in your hearts. Yes, i have. 

I follow my parents religion which is Buddhism. I follow all the tradition. which there is twice in a month you need to vegetarian and also sometimes i used incense to our worship. but i'm not really persevering in this thing. i just follow when i have to. I don't say or even dare to say that i don't belief Buddha's God. Because i do believe all of them or even i also believe there also Jesus and some prophet in Muslim. I believe all of them. Because i keep believing i only have One God. which is our creator. who invented our world , human breathe and so much living things. 

This thing i called my personal belief, so no one can judge me or even somebody else about their beliefs. Because i don't care. Even i'm Buddhist, i keep praying like Christian every single night ( sometimes i can forgot). and i entwine my fingers together by laying on my bed, close my both eyes and pray. And my heart will full with You, feel so blessed and peaceful. Because You in me

In here, as my conclusion or solution, i don't even call you to pray everyday or even judge you. I DON'T and I WON'T. Luckily all my friends also have the same thoughts with me. All of us have different religion but we still can be together without any difference, because we are created by One creator and we have our own PERSONAL beliefs. Please trust me, He won't judge you if you are "Naughty" or even feel so dirty compare to His sacred, He will keep His hands open to you no matter what kind a person you are. Because He is our creator. He Loves you and me. 

So sorry my blog is very full with my random things. Please excuse. 

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