Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holiday ends, New semester begins

Hello Readers, , i'm so sorry i'm taking so long time for not drafts some words here, just so you know that i just finished my holidays in my hometown and of course spend time with my boyfriend there. In my hometown, i can't blogging its because i can't spend little time to write, too busy serving my customers of my onlineshop , and my super low class of connection internet ( blame it to speedy that my brothers said they're not doing a good job lately ). So, here i am, back in Kuala Lumpur ( which also had a low connection of internet but i have time to wait and drafts my words here ). 

For this blog , i'm going to share some pics, for what i did in holidays , calm down it's not that much. 
Maybe i share some story behind this all pictures. 


Renita and I were planned to make a birthday surprise to Kania. You'll know which is the person by looking at those pictures. A bit crazy, we're going to Bandung only for 2 days time, and i drove renita's car to Bandung with A BIT lie behind it to my parents. I said, we're dropped to bandung by renita's driver. :p 
We're going to Bandung , it took about 2,5 hours way to be there. After step on Bandung, we're going to cizz to buy a birthday cake by google map. After going there, we don;t know where to go, and finally we decided to interview Kania, where she was. Until we had our negative assumptions and make us just go and run over. We catch up her in Paris Van Java in Bandung, and we called her and said, we're in Bandung. She was shocked, and that was one of our planned. ( actually that day still april 28th, and her birthday was at april 29th, noted that we actually failed to surprised her ontime), after we met, we're planned to move somewhere to dinner and i offer a ride to her to raise her car easier. Once she entered the car, she saw the surprised birthday cake ( so true that our second surprised was failed ) LOL. 
after that, we're just having dinner, chit chat, and go back to Kania's home. ( Bandung is very very cool and i love the fresh air there ) , we're waiting until 00.00 was coming to blow up the 20th birthday candle on cake. we're taking pictures, eat the cake, and then brush our teeth, change our clothes, then go to sleep. 
On the next day, we're having fun again. as you can see through the pictures. i know this story is so late ( it was a month ago ) but, i loved to share my unforgettable moment here. 

introducing my new hair. this pic taken at treehouse

this pictures credited to Renita

and yes, we're having dinner at humming bird, Bandung.. 

Be ready birthday girl, my darling Kania 

here she is, our birthday girl 

the next day and last day in Bandung

the two of my super criminal bestfriends ever!! 

in front of secret factoryoutlet 

the pool dedicated to dogs, so cute.. love it max!!!!!!

i wish the fluffies are mine

yeah, that was at Pet Distro

snap snap snap 

all of our hair was very nica at that time.. *_*

we're in the car. exactly in front of the tree house cafe 

yoohoo, i had my super crazy experienced to drove renita's car to Bandung.
Just both of us! ( Blame it to crazy and freaky Renita Angella  )

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy, my internet was so low, my eyes was so exhausted so please excuse that  i'm going to continue my stories in the next  blog.
See ya everyone!!!!!!

much love ♥

Cindy Tanuwijaya

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