Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cooked for stomach

Sometimes cooking is so fun but, sometimes it also need cost of the tools and materials. It is one of my hobby lately. But with the limitation tools provided in my apartment, i just pick up simply. And this last few days i just at home, and yes alone. Feel so boring, because there is nothing to do. I just think want to eat, but lazy to eat outside by only myself. Because my friends are out to Phuket ( finally they are going back tonight) , and i went to Giant, buy some groceries, and cooked with eat only by myself. Hahhaha..

here i share some pic, i don't say that the taste was awesome , tasty and delicious, but as long they're accepted in my stomach rules , i just grading them on 7 out of 10. Hehehehhehe.. 

My Homemade Pancake without any ornament *excuse the part of burnt *

rice, chicken nuggets, omelette's, and nutrisari orange flavour
my homemade chicken gordon blue with ham and cheese inside them  ^^

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