Friday, May 27, 2011

Watched pirates of Caribbean : On stranger tides

yeeehaaaaa.. Please get jealous of me. I'm kidding. 

Before you envy me that i had watched this Hollywood movie,  i just want to make sure you guys (esp who lives in Indonesia) won't get jealous of me. And yes im a bit show off. Please excuse me for this time i just feel so happy that i got some benefit to live abroad, i DO NOT say that i love to live here, but in this time is YES. But i still do love Indonesia, but i'm so hate the illogic rules that be made by the minister / council in them. so much terms applied, and that things that i said illogic is HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CAN'T BE SHOWED because they have to pay another tax or what else that i don't care. For the real, why other countries still allowed and do not mind to pay some tax just make sure that their countries can make some profit with it. I just wondering its related with peculation/ corruption 

What the heck about the rules, and it is not my problem anyway, i just share my opinion with this film. I am not a maniac of pirates or the story or anything , even i had skip the last pirates of caribbean (3rd one i think) , i just love the characteristic of Jack Sparrow ( Johny Depp ) , he is so silly and yet so cool. And yes, i fall in love with him AGAIN. Just so you know i just keep smiling when i watched him, not because of the story but of him. hahahah.. and here i already look so silly. hahahaha

even i had to buy ticket via e-payment. :p 
and for your information that this film was launched on 19th of May, and when i planned to booked the tickets by phone, we're sure we won't get any seats. So, we bought it via e-payment and using my ( so new) registered maybank2u. Heheheheh.. 

okay, i'm overtired now, waiting for my boy's words but there is none, maybe he is so busy or forget to recharge his mobile phones, and i decide not to wait anymore, and i'm going to hit my bed soon.. 

see ya everyone.. 

Cindy Tanuwijaya <3

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