Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PARIS, i crave you

Maybe you'll think this blog is about my trip to Paris. 
Oh , i really wish that will be come true.
The country that i really want to visit is Paris, and his neighbors. ( read : UK and Rome)
Why suddenly i craving of Paris?  
Because i have a habit on rewatching some film or movie that i like. 
Yesterday or past few days , i rewatched Indonesian Movie, 
Eiffel, I'm in Love that have some part that they are shooting in Paris.
I just love and drowned to the movie. 
Hope someday i'll be lucky as Tita ( the main actress on that film)

do you know i am a person who is very addictive with drama.
if i already watched drama, i almost can't and forget to sleep at night. 
and it makes my sleep patterns drastically change. LOL
Eiffel Tower, I love you and someday i'll visit you!!!

so beautiful Paris. You looks Classy yet so Romantic.

And now i need to get my sleep pattern back into track. 
I want to wake up earlier and also sleep earlier intensely to keep my body fit. 
Because i read some news that if you have a bad sleep patterns ( read : my sleeping hours),
it will cause so many illness come into your body. 
what the fuckin horror isn't it? 
so, don't let your insomnia give you some bad effects.
sorry at last of "Paris" it was out of context ( Run from talking about Paris)
please excuse my mess.

-Cindy Tanuwijaya-

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