Friday, June 3, 2011

I've learned

hey there,

I don't know why, but today i just feel so blue. i don't know why it is happened, but probably today is my bad hair day. And i don't know whether it is the reason or not that make me being so blue and mellow today.
In here, i just share a little bit mellow things that i've learned from my life. 

1. i have learned that the grass always looks greener at the other side, ( but actually yours is greener than theirs). thats because (maybe) you have not use your real efforts and confidence seeing yours. And its because you always compare yourself with others. 

2. No matter how disappointed person you are, your family will not backstabbing on you. They will forgive you no matter how many times you disappoint them.  

3. Your lover is really love you when he cried in front of you, say sorry even though  he didn't do anything wrong. He do it because he just don't want to lose you. ( yeah, he is my boyfriend :) ) and You just love the person truly from your heart , with nothing reasonable things. 

4. Love is a trust. ( don't mind if Long distance relationship , yes i am in that situation) 

5. We live in this universe is only temporary, but it does not mean that you can live easily without money. You need to save and manage your money wisely from earlier. So you know how precious your money are. You can't just split out your money for nothing worth to buy. i don't say you have to stingy, but be wise. its quite important for you and your future. 

6. Everyone needs friends. A bit sharing here, i'm a friendly from child untillll my freshman year. i don't blame to anyone, but, i just regret what i decided. i had friend. I trust her as my real best friend. She isn't a friendly person. i mean that, she easily to hate someone. And as her bestfriend, i just feel she was right, and i have to trust her by also hate someone she said that person is bad. And now, after she had a boyfriend, she just dump  us ( yeah, i'm not alone. i have 2 friends that also feel the same way). She move to another univ, and leave me. And i realize i did the wrong thing. but it is useless to regret everything. i don't have many many friends here, and thats really make me feel sorry to myself. :( How best is your best friends? They will leave you when they found out about your little bad things , won't they? Be Independent!! ^^

Ohyeah, today and for my next few days, i'll feel so lonely. I just alone at my condo.. my housemates are all hanged out with her boy friend, with her lover to the beach, and the other one is going to her grandmother's house. hikssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss..... 

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