Friday, June 17, 2011

Rude Friday

Hello there.. 
I know i already lazy to take my time to share anything in my blog. But, i have so many many reason to cover it up. ( as you know , everyone don't want to be judged, right ) hehehe.. 

Last few weeks ago, i admit that i'm so lazy to write even i'm alone at home and i have nothing to do as i mentioned in my last blog if i'm not mistaken. My friends are out of town. One of them went to Sunway to spend her weekend with her boyfriend as usual, and another one was just hanged out with her friend ( male ) and her friends"s friends. They already ask me to join them, but, i was not really close with them ,and they are heading to beach. ( FYI, my parents don't allow me to play and visit any beach , they just have so manyyyyy myth. And i'm not that mean to disobey their words ) 

Today actually already saturday, but i just count it as Friday night. Usually i always love friday, but today i'm a bit tired and pissed with this Friday. In the morning, i just got a bit problem. ANDDDDDD i need to study, because i got one midterm exam. ANDDDDDDDD ( again ) tomorrow i have replacement class for 3 hours in Taxation class. ANDDDDDDD ( over again ) tomorrow is the D day of result who is the next leader in Bhineka Indonesian Association in my University. Honestly , there is no feeling of nervous in me, because i'm pessimist to be chosen. But yes, i'm so nervous when i think what should i say tomorrow in the last campaign. How to be the leader if i still not very confidence with myself. FYI, i just a minor in them, i don't have many many friends , and i'm just afraid everybody gonna disappointed after chose me. But when i share my case with my close friends, they just say, why you have to be a majority, and why you have to read and try to estimating others perception. 

yayaya, thats very true.. so i just decided to face it whatever is it. I don't mind whether i'm gonna win or lost. i just try my best. :) ohyeahhh.. nowadays, i got two kiddoss in my condo.. my nephew and my niece.. they are so cute and become my mood booster.. i'll post their pictures, in the next blog because the pics is still in my blackberry. Please be patient. they are so cute and smart.. :) 

Another thing that make me pissed lately is about the Celcom. ( the provider that have Blackberry internet service that i used currently). I'm so disappointed with Celcom. They always robbed my airtime balance everyday in 6 days lately. Can you count it if 1 day they robbed me 9RM ( i top up 10RM, deduct for Subscribe the blackberry Internet service 1 RM ) and they just do it in 6 days. I don;t know what happen. but they just say, i used the browser application , thats why they deduct my balance, BUT , i can make sure that i never use my browser application before. One of my friend said, it is because i used uber twitter. But, my other friends also use ubertwitter, and celcom didn't deduct their balance.. WHY ME? hiks.. 
so on Monday, i decided to change my provider into Maxis. ( Dear Maxis, please be friendly with me ) :p

I know this post is so random, and already out of the topic about this friday and without pictures or any interesting thing, because i already lazy to edited it.. ehhehe.. But i surely will post interesting things in my next blogs. But for today, please wish me luck for tomorrow midterm exam and about the campaign.. 

And i hope tomorrow will be a good Saturday. :D 

"Being ordinary gives you the greatest power, don't ever give up"



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