Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ignore the Pressure

We all want love in our life, we all want to laugh, but sometimes life can knock you down and toss you around a bit. When life does this to you, just remember these 3 words: Live, Love, Laugh. - ELISSA

To live in this cruel world, you just need to face them all and wear a smile. -ME

Hello there, 
Here i am with so many many things that needed to be shared but i don't know how to. I don't know where to start, and to end it. But the things i know right know is i am pressured with so many unimportant things for me. And as you know that i am so so busy now. This is not about busy that i have to do this and that ( Indonesian : Kepo ), But i'm busy in thinking so many things. I have to plan for this and that, and also i have to study for midterm and not forget to do my so many effing assignments. 

*take a deep breath*

When i try my best to do things, i will have a bad feelings afterwards. Just so you know, i'm really affected by everyone's perception about me. Thats why sometimes i'm so complicated. I scare somebody will have a hard feeling towards me when i do something. I don't like when i see someone that her/his face is creepy when they look at me. I can see people. ( It doesn't mean i have sixsense ), But i just know when people happy , people sad, people show that he/she is feel unlike or so much more. I just can feel it. I'm not psychologist, but i just can read what someone's feel which is written on his/her face and especially with my closest friend. And that is kind of things that make me feel pressured. 

So when i feel down and pressured with all this things, i just can face it one by one and don't forget to wear a smile whether it is fake or not, but its helping. And the second thing is feel grateful with Him, and love myself. Just ignore whether i am ugly, fat, old-fashioned, slow, or whatever. This is me and always be me. :)

Another thing i wanna share is my brother is coming on thursday!!! Horeyyyy.. I already missed him so much.. and also he willing to bring me so many things i want.. Yihaaaa!!! <3 Actually i hope that my boyfriend also willing to come here. I'm so miss him. :( 

Okey, and the last thing is maybe i will not that often in posting anymore :( It doesn't mean that i won't post anything here anymore, but maybe i just won't post that often. 

Hope that i still be wished to be good luck in completing everything i do include my assignment or exams and love. 

Goodnight <3

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