Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thousands Thanks

"Stay away from negative and stay focus on the positive! Focus , focus, and focus on the positive!"

Hello everyone, 
So many things happened today. So many feelings i felt today. So many thoughts flashed and messed my brain. i just hardly determine whether it is a good or bad news. About the last blog i share about the election of candidates as the leader of Bhinneka Indo Club, VERY UNEXPECTED , We( me and my partner ) winning the election. So here am i, as a new President of Bhinneka Association Indonesian Club. So many consideration flashed on my mind. So many perception that i think will come out from so many people. Why i really didn't expect that i'll do this far, because i don't do my campaign even my last campaign which is speech, i did it very bad. Unprepared at all because i focus on Midterm, and i didn't dressed properly. I just stand in front of not-so-much-people, But i still very nervous, and scare i'll be judged. hahahah..

Sometimes , i just feel so lucky that God has planned me to do this. Maybe he know i'll improve myself, repair my last last faults ( being a not-social-person = unsocial ). I'll try my best to do this all. I know God will lead me properly. SO, WELCOME to be a super busy person, Cindy. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this time, i really feel so useful to take the course : ManagingPeople. Maybe its sounds silly, but it really works for me. And now, i already set my Goal which is my vision, and heading to it within my mission. Hopefully i can succeed, and do my best. :) Thanks God For always blessing and lead me. I know nowhere to go if you didn't give me your direction. :D

Hey, i just forgot to make up my promise about sending some pics about kiddos at my house rite,
i'm sorry i can't make it up now, but, on the next post, i will post particularly about them.. Hope you looking forwards for them without any disappointing me.. HAHAHA..

Anyway, you should gotta hear this song.. i just got the recommend from my bestie!!
Actually, I already love Leighton Meester so much!!!!!!!!!!!
and now i just love her more!!!!!!!!
She's just more than Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.. ♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥

  ♥ ♥


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