Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little visit from little brother


SO missing to blogging and sharing everything here, but unfortunately i'm so hectic and very very busy to spare my time and write here. As you know, i'm so busy with my effing assignments, my task to responsible with my Indonesian Association Club to make and event.
Ohya anyway, i leak some information about my first event.
This event will be held on 23rd of July. There will be Food and Beverages provided, Attractive games, and some awesome performance from our Indonesian students. Just simply click BHINNEKA  to view our simple website. The pictures/ video or everything will be shared on our website.

By the way, in last two weeks, my little brother, Jojo visit me in here. Renita's little sister also come and visit her in KL. Then we're having fun together ( Me, Jojo, Renita, Renata, and Kania ). I forget about all activity we had, maybe i can remember when i shared the pictures. Jo and I have a good shopping time last time, and when he already go back again to Jakarta last Monday, i realize i'm so so so so DOWN AT HEEL right now. and all i have to do is low lived. ( HEHE, i know i'm a bit over here ) but promise me , this is still mid-month but, i don't have extra money at all. heehhe..
Renata, Renita, Me and Jo, captured by Kania

Introduce my lil brother called Jonathan Tanuwijaya a.k.a JOJO

Eat TGIF!! Thumbs up to food , after that, bankrupt. 

At Candy Stores in Sunway Pyramid.

With Paris at our Condo. 

Me in Port Dickson

Renata and Renita. FYI, Renata is not good in jumping. :p 

Yeay, i'm the highest. 

Me and Jo in Pavilion

Outside Pavilion.

I still write his name while we're on fighting at that time. Now  all is clear.
Pictures credited to Jo.

Maybe this is my first time playing in the beach after yearsssss..

In Milkshake Factory , Changkat.

The pictures i shared is quite random, at least we having fun, going to all malls in KL one by one. Shopping here and shopping there until my body is cracked and mu wallet also dropped and make me have to low-lived right now. hehehe.. I'm so tired, my body drop, i got sorethroat until now , all my back is cracked But, afterall, i'm so happy and very sad when Jojo have to go back to Jakarta.

And now, i have to face my bundle of tasks whether it is assignment or whatever that i need to responsible for. Wish me luck for my best.

Cindy Tanuwijaya <3

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