Saturday, July 30, 2011

I can't pleased everybody

- i'm sorry i can't pleased everybody -

Hi everyone, missing blog time so bad. 
As usual, so many good and bad things come over to me. Last few weeks i'm so effing busy for my assignments and busy for preparing my first event. 

Little sharing about my events last week, the team is very unprepared at the D day, But we through that day very well, even though the weather on last week is not friendly, it was such a rainy day, and the time delay until one and half hour, finally the event went smoothly and many participants is come over to that events. That week was very very very hectic week. I'm super tired and full of conflict in emotion at that week. But when the event is finish, i can take a little breathe to feel relieved that everything was okay. 
Will share some pictures.. ;;) ( Unfortunately not all people are captured, because they left before photo session ) 

The Facilitators 

After the events done and finish, i back to focus with all of my effing assignments. So many assignments but everything is done right now but i can't guaranteed about the results. I scared until almost die. 

- Problems is like weed, it never dies -

And after one problem is done, it will come again with a higher lever of difficulty. I got more problems that i can't share in here, but everything was done and i think it was done with hard feelings. 
But, The important thing is When you have to face the problems, you need to control your emotion. So you wont hurt people or to be hurt by somebodyelse.. 

Btw, I recently listening to the Maddi Jane music. She was amazing and extra awesome!!!  

I love her cover in price tag, impossible, and breakeven. She is more than talented!!!.. 

Check this out. 

Enjoy <3 

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