Sunday, August 7, 2011

Final exam without pressure

Hey guyss,

I had my final exam on 8th, 12th, 15th, and 17th august.. I feel so scared to face the final exam, But i really don't have any effort to study harder. Because i can't to be like nerds girls who study every minute and every seconds she has. So i just try my best to study in my way.

In the last minutes like this, i still not getting the pressure to study harder. hehehe.. Do you know what i did in the middle of this situation? i keep browsing facebook, bbm, blogging, reading anything unrelated to exam and also webcam whoring with my Lazy partner who is Kania Satriafi.. hahahahha.. ( But, i already studied on 2 days before )


take a silly pictures, laughing. Just enjoy the time like there is no exam tomorrow. ( Don't try this for your own )

heyy, i got songs upload..
by soundtract of film MONTECARLO ( havent watch it but already love the song )

i'm not beauty queen, i'm just beautiful me <3

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  1. cute blog you have here :) and goodluck on your test!


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