Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hai everyone,

Longg long long time no blogging and actually i miss blogging so much. For the truth i still be a reader for some my favorite and blog that inspired me so much. In blogger or tumblr, i just assume its the same. :)

Hoooaah, suddenly when i want to write, i mean today, it is already 4th October. and yes, so many pressure of assignment, and final exams ( again ) will coming.. every September - October semester is short semester, so you have to finish the module and the syllabus of our lecture only for two months period.. So busy and hectic semster , right.. Thanks God, i still survive at this time. :)

When i see my last blog just now, i just realize, my last blog is already passed for two months and in two months period , i didn't write anything in this blog.. please excuse me.. :) I'm so busy with everything , keep thinking, and keep thinking , i also wondering what is the main problem that make me keep thinking. Just want to let my brain rest for awhile. But , why it can't be done??

I think that maybe with the additional ages that God gives us everyday, every minute, every second,  we also will get more and more pressure. To grow, to be a good person is not easy but when you really want to against that challenge , that makes your life a bit harder, but your mind keep stronger. That though make me just rethinking about my parents. They will be more more more pressured than us. So, just let it be, let it flow, and just pass the day without keep disappointed , keep protest with God, keep wondering without any action, But, just enjoy your life, enjoy your time, and enjoy everything you must have done. Don't too underestimate or even overestimate anything.

I think what i talk in the paragraphs above is too wise already.. HAHAHAHA. i just talk to myself, and keep motivate myself actually. BTW, last month i ordered MINI INSTAX CAMERA, and the items will arrived this week.. *waiting and excited* hahahaha.. I already want it from last year actually. How pathetic , ritee.. But i just scared, after i buy the things, i just keep it in my wardrobe or my drawer or in other words, i'm not used it.. hahahah.. but finally, i'm gonna get my new cute camera.. Will post it soon.. :) :)

Talking about camera, i also in love with Lomo.. But, i just see if i use Lomo Camera, it would be more complicated, because you need to buy their rolled film and also the printer, and if you want to post it to social media, you need to scanned it to you computer, so i just buy the mini instax 7s white and will learn about edit photo using photoshop to make the Lomo effect. or if i want my pictures have a lomo effect, i just take my Ipad 2 and capture pictures with INSTAGRAM. hehehehe..

Anyway, at the end of this month, i'm gonna back my hometown againnnnnn.. and take a holiday for two months.. Horeeeeyyy ( All my thumbs are up )

Have a nice day everyone.. :)

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