Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"never apart"

On this rainy day we’re going to be apart for a while
Your unbearable voice on the telephone
You asked if I could take your heart along in my luggage
And fly with me Then we’ll never be apart again

To hear ‘I love you’ once each day
You said that our hearts will be closer in this way
If I were to leave Your heart will be raining
The sky is covered with dark clouds The whole world lacks air

Holding you in my embrace
We don’t talk
Feel the two hearts that are together before being apart
Embracing each other
We don’t want to talk
The memories that we leave today
We can relive it
I love you, without words
This sky is crying

The day I left you sent me off
Although we promised that we won’t be sad
I asked if I could hold your hand throughout the journey
Leaning against me In this way only can I hear you breathe
Looking at you before leaving the door
The unbearable expression your face
If I could Use the power of the whole universe
To stop time
To let us never be apart

I love you, don’t give up
Don’t wanna be apart in this moment
Never apart

this song created by michael guang my favorite, and i really love this song and the lyrics that very match much with me, and with this lyric, i want dedicate and mean it for my love.. hope u mean it, jlk... smoooch.. 

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