Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flower Headband

As i promise about my pictures during my short trip in Singapore. And this is it about the first part of my pictures <3 
Anyway, i just know that Terminal 3 in Soekarno Hatta is different a lots with the others terminal.. The terminal is just like Changi Airport. So modern and feels its cool when its available in Indonesia. hehehe.. 

So excited to having short trip with him actually <33

this is him. my lovely boyfriend <3

my yellow dress looks so cheerful , yes? 

So in love with the flower headband from Vincii <3

Thelittlethingsheneeds - Flat shoes

And this is my outfit. Simple and comfort dress. i really love the asymetric model of this dress. :) 
I currently busy with my final year project that will be submitted on this 31st of March. Kinda hectic so thats why i just can blogging now. :(

Btw, thankyou for those who already check out my garages sale blog in @SHOP-perfeclyme. Don't forget to leave some comment about your interest or simply email me if you interested <3

Much Love 
Cindy :*

Monday, March 19, 2012

Effort is everything

Hi girls,

I'm sorry for not blogging in a mean while, I was very very very busy and hectic. As you know that i was went to Singapore with my bf for almost a week. And i promise i will post some peak pictures to you guys. 

In this post, i would like to introduce and advertise my new garages store of mine, which you can click it here
Shop-PerfectlyMe is my wardrobe sale. Because i just found some of my clothes have more than 1 pieces in the similar model. I just wanna sell it in a very affordable prices and promises gonna give you a Free cute gift together with your purchased goods. 

All the goods pictures is still not in a very good quality, but if you want to see the cleared pictures or more information, don't hesitate to contact me by email :
I still have a lots of goods ( shoes, dress, skirt )  for the next batches. So stay tuned :D 

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BTW, i forget to greeting Arika Yasmin for choosing me as the winner of her giveaway <3 <3
I win OPI Nail Polish in red color. How generous she is. ehehhe.. and will post about the pictures in my next post. Sorry for the belated thankyou for her. <3

And Yes, here i am. With a new spirit to join more and more giveaway.

1. Join Ci Anas from Brown Platform giveaway. You can click
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Hope i also could win :) 

Thankyour girls

Much Much Love 
Cindy Tanuwijaya

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello March

Welcome, MARCH ♥

March actually not a very lovely month like December for me, but i'm so much love this month in this year. All blames to my darling's birthday on 11st of march and we're gonna having some fun at Singapore. Long distance relationship that i took in almost 26 months with him is not that hard because i still easily met him. The distance between Jakarta and Malaysia is so thin, so i never afraid although i cannot lie, i still keep missing him every single night. And right now, i can't tell how much i want to meet him. 

cam-whoring by myself hahaha.  

btw, i already use SLR, my sister give me her slr and i bought her a new camera pocket. She said she will not frequently used her SLR so, she just gave to me. I use Sony Alpha 290. Not that professional , not that so much thing to use, but kind a easy to use for beginner like me. But i plan to save money to get Canon 6D when i already expert in using it. 

top - MRfreddy, Tulip Skirt - random OS, oops forget about the shoes :p 

I wore this outfit when i go to Midvallet - Megamall with my bitch besties ,call her Renita Angella. Show you her pictures below. That's her who sit besides me. 

Anyway, thank you so much for bloggers who share some lovely comments on my blogs. I always love love love reading your comments. Thanks a lot <3

my random artwork 
With Love 

Cindy ♥