Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flower Headband

As i promise about my pictures during my short trip in Singapore. And this is it about the first part of my pictures <3 
Anyway, i just know that Terminal 3 in Soekarno Hatta is different a lots with the others terminal.. The terminal is just like Changi Airport. So modern and feels its cool when its available in Indonesia. hehehe.. 

So excited to having short trip with him actually <33

this is him. my lovely boyfriend <3

my yellow dress looks so cheerful , yes? 

So in love with the flower headband from Vincii <3

Thelittlethingsheneeds - Flat shoes

And this is my outfit. Simple and comfort dress. i really love the asymetric model of this dress. :) 
I currently busy with my final year project that will be submitted on this 31st of March. Kinda hectic so thats why i just can blogging now. :(

Btw, thankyou for those who already check out my garages sale blog in @SHOP-perfeclyme. Don't forget to leave some comment about your interest or simply email me if you interested <3

Much Love 
Cindy :*


  1. You had awesome moment~~How lucky ;)
    Idk when can meet him again~~ pity >.<
    I have never been to terminal 3 before :O

  2. Ah so sweet...!! Is been more than 1 year now from my last time in Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta. The last time I saw it was beautiful.
    Anyway your yellow dress is beautiful.

  3. thanks for you commenton my blog :)
    love your asymmetrical dress !
    following you now , follow back ?

  4. i love the dress darling!! it looks cute on you!! we can follow each other darling!! following you now! hope you can return the love back!! kisses from brazil!!

  5. I love your yellow dress! It's such a beautiful colour :)

    Love, Rachel

  6. waw such a lovely dress.. so hows ur trip, is it nice?? *I guess yes*
    btw I've followed you already before dear (re: mind to follow each other?) then you may follow me if you want to :)
    looking forward for your next part of trip picts

  7. Love your dress! Such pretty color..You look beautiful! Thanks for following, I am following you now!

  8. Such a cute dress
    nice blog ♥

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  9. Love your headband! That dress is super cute.
    Blues and Shoes

  10. Sweet couple! :)
    Awe, love your outfit dear.
    Thanks for following. Now following you, too. :)

  11. max love your dress cindy...very fit on you...:))
    you looks very cute and sweet..XD

  12. hi sweetie,

    I have just discovered ur blog. Your blog is adorable, and interesting. I'm enjoy read your post, too. Lovely blog!

    Wanna follow each other?

    Have a nice day!

  13. Really lovely outfit!! Well, you absolutely really exciting have fun with ur boyfriend:)
    Btw mabbe we can fllw each other.

  14. love your dress so much darls!
    soooo cheerful! <3
    followed you back, thanks~


  15. hello, you look so cute in the outfit, seems like you wanna spread the cheer of spring! :D I'd love to follow each other, followed you!

    good luck for your final project anyway :)
    xx, Helen

  16. You look cute<3:)
    U have a cute blog, too<3:)

    Following you:)
    It'll be so nice, if you follow me back:)

    Have a sparkling day!

  17. love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


  18. Lucky you as your are doing the final year project.
    Cos it means that you will soon be graduating from UCSI!!

    I thought that project is just for the IT major, infact other major have to do project too!
    Good luck with the project...

  19. hi, I wish to have a trip with my boyfriend too :)

    love your blog, just followed you!
    visit my blog and follow back if you do like my blog =]

    Thank you ;)

  20. awwww so sweet! hope you enjoyed the trip!! i love your outfit!

  21. I love the dress, its really lovely and bright and perfect for spring! It would be really nice if we could follow each other? I love your blog! xxx

  22. that dress is so pretty! great colour

  23. It is good to hear you had a nice time in Singapore - I definitely enjoy my time there now! The flower headband is too cute on you!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  24. Hi, dear! Thank's for your sweet comment on my blog. I've followed your blog now. I love your headband anyway and your yellow dress looks soooo pretty >.<


  25. ooohhhh, you look so lovely!!

    Visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other via GFC!
    have a great week end!

  26. aah,, thank you advicenya ya dear.. :*
    aku juga mikir gitu, ipad size-nya kegedean, jadi nggak simple. Aku suka galaxy tab yang 7 itu lho, imut2 ukurannya.
    udah pernah pake android, jadi pengen ngerasain yang lain.. duh, tungguin ipad3 dulu aja kali ya.. Sekalian ngumpulin duit dulu.. :p

    Aaahah, such a fun trip with your boyfie. He's so charming and you're so cute, such a lovely couple. Pengen juga someday bisa plan a trip berdua sama pacar. pasti asik. hihi. :)

    Oh ya, join my "blog photo book" giveaway on my blog ya dear..

  27. Very cute outfit!

  28. really love the first pic! :D so sweet ^^

  29. cindy your hair is gorgeous! in this outfit, you remind me of a beautiful snow white. :)

  30. Hey cuttie! Thanks so much for following, i have followed back.
    I love headbands and this one is so beautiful and girly! you look very cute, i really like the uneven length of the dress :)


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